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Marissa Bowering

Medical Secretary

At Fulton Family Psychiatry, Marissa, our dedicated medical secretary, is a maestro of customer service, ensuring every task she undertakes is performed with unmatched efficiency and a friendly touch. Her foremost ambition is to cultivate a welcoming environment and address any issues with prompt, considerate solutions.


Passionate about professional growth, Marissa is constantly expanding her knowledge to enhance our office's operations. In her personal time, she revels in the tranquility of solitary activities — immersing herself in the meditative practices of cleaning, cooking, baking, and losing herself in literature. Come warmer weather, she switches the indoors for the peaceful docks, partaking in the quiet pastime of fishing, her favored seasonal solitude.


Marissa's multifaceted role and her pursuit for personal development resonate deeply with the values and spirit of our practice.

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