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What is our mission?


At Fulton Family Psychiatry, our mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive mental healthcare to individuals of all ages across New York State. Guided by our esteemed founders, Dr. Cecile Matip and Dr. Rajaa Nebbari, both American board-certified specialists, we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our community. We stand committed to inclusivity, accepting Medicaid and Medicare, ensuring that no one is denied the care they deserve.


We believe in a holistic approach to mental health, recognizing that well-being encompasses more than just medication. By fostering understanding and offering personalized treatment plans, we empower our patients to embrace lifestyle changes, nutritional balance, psychotherapy, and supportive environments. We specialize in providing second opinions on existing medication regimens and offer safe, gradual methods for those seeking to transition away from medications.


What sets us apart is our dedication to spending quality time with our patients, actively listening to their concerns. We provide integrated services, including medication management, nutritional guidance, weight management, spirituality encouragement, and community involvement support, all within our practice. By addressing the underlying issues causing mental health conditions, we promote long-term healing and stability.


Our vision at Fulton Family Psychiatry is to revolutionize mental healthcare, not just in New York State, but globally. Through the power of telemedicine, we aim to break down the barriers of geographical constraints, making our holistic approach accessible to individuals worldwide, especially in underserved regions where mental health treatment is scarce.


We are dedicated to educating families about the dangers of relying solely on controlled substances to address addiction and ADHD. Our focus is on teaching safe alternatives that address the root causes, ensuring lasting recovery and mental well-being. Furthermore, we are committed to sharing our innovative psychiatric practices with the next generation of healthcare professionals. By instructing psychiatry residents, nurse practitioner students, and physician assistant students, we aim to spread our knowledge, fostering a new wave of empathetic, holistic, and patient-centered care across various medical disciplines.


At Fulton Family Psychiatry, we envision a world where mental health is treated with understanding, compassion, and comprehensive care. Our mission and vision drive us to create a healthier, happier future for individuals and families, one holistic approach at a time.


Accessible Mental Healthcare

Expand our online services to reach every corner of New York State, ensuring accessibility to mental healthcare for all residents, especially the underserved populations.

Holistic Approach

Provide comprehensive mental health services that encompass lifestyle changes, nutrition, psychotherapy, and medication when necessary, fostering overall well-being.

Patient-Centered Care

Differentiate our practice by dedicating time to listen to patients' concerns, addressing their needs, and empowering them to actively participate in their treatment plans.

Educational Outreach

Educate families about the dangers of controlled substances, promoting awareness of safe alternatives and the importance of addressing underlying issues for lasting recovery.

Telemedicine Expansion

Utilize telemedicine to extend our services beyond New York State, reaching regions globally where mental health treatment is limited or unavailable.

Professional Training

Establish programs to teach our holistic psychiatry approach to psychiatry residents, nurse practitioner students, and physician assistant students, fostering the spread of compassionate and comprehensive mental healthcare practices across various medical disciplines.

Community Engagement

Encourage spirituality and community involvement as essential components of mental wellness, organizing events and initiatives that promote social connections and support networks.

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