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elderly care facilities short and long term


Our telepsychiatry services are not at all limited to a few places. It also includes long-term care facilities at nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and residential care homes.

Older people residing at nursing homes are subject to cognitive decline and other issues related to their physical condition, ultimately affecting their mental state. As a result, they face isolation and depression as they feel deprived of their loved ones and someone from their close family to look after them.

Living in a nursing home adds to the sorrows of older people. Therefore, we provide such institutes with sessions to improve the awareness of the staff that works there to help them understand the different types of mental health-related problems that older people have to go through with.

Proper training will be provided on how to deal with the different kinds of mental health conditions that individuals face, such as anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and dementia.

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