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Forensic Evaluations for Adults and Children

How We Conduct Forensic Evaluations:

Clinical Assessment:

Our forensic evaluations commence with a thorough clinical assessment conducted by experienced and qualified mental health professionals. This involves gathering relevant information about the individual's mental health, history, and any pertinent legal concerns.

Specialized Tools and Techniques:

We employ specialized assessment tools and techniques tailored to forensic psychiatry to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. These tools help us objectively measure various aspects of mental health and behavior that are relevant to legal contexts.

Interviews and Collateral Information:

In addition to individual interviews, we may seek collateral information from relevant sources such as family members, caregivers, educators, or other professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual's mental health and its legal implications.

Services Offered in the Forensic Evaluation Process:

Competency and Capacity Assessments:

We assess an individual's competency to stand trial and their capacity to make legal decisions. This involves evaluating their understanding of legal proceedings and ability to participate in their defense.

Criminal Responsibility Evaluations:

Our team evaluates the mental state of individuals at the time of an alleged offense to determine their criminal responsibility. This involves assessing factors such as sanity, diminished capacity, or insanity.

Child Custody and Visitation Evaluations:

In cases involving child custody disputes, we provide evaluations to assess the mental health and parenting capacities of individuals, contributing valuable insights to the legal decision-making process.

Risk Assessments:

We conduct risk assessments to evaluate the potential for future dangerousness or harm. This information is critical for legal professionals in making informed decisions about issues such as bail, parole, or civil commitment.

Who Can Request Our Services:

Our forensic evaluation services at Fulton Family Psychiatry can be requested by a variety of legal entities and individuals, including:



Social service agencies

Guardians ad litem

Individuals involved in legal proceedings

We are committed to providing objective and expert forensic evaluations to assist the legal system in making informed decisions. If you or your organization requires our forensic evaluation services, please contact our office to discuss the specific details of your case and how we can be of assistance.


At Fulton Family Psychiatry, we prioritize the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and expertise in our forensic evaluations to contribute meaningfully to the legal processes involving mental health considerations.

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