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eMood Detailed Mood Tracking App

This detailed mood tracking app is much more than just a tracker, eMood takes mood tracking to the next level by giving you rich insights into your moods and their external influences such as weather or daylight hours, visualizing and pinpointing the triggers and influences for your moods. Share your best data and insights with your doctor, friends, or family members.

Why try eMood:

eMood Detailed Mood Tracking App

Mood & Symptom Diary

Track daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to Bipolar/Manic Depressive illness.

A Detailed Calendar

A detailed calendar allows you to visualize your patterns over time to get a birds-eye view into your mood disorder.

Configurable Graphs

Configurable graphs let you plot tracking points against each other to better visualize what symptoms or outside influences may be triggers for you.

Email Reports

Email a monthly report to your doctor or therapist, or share your data and online charts with a friend or family member.

Track Your Medications

Track your medications taken and break them down by time of day, daily, or as-needed. Get medication reminders and quickly visualize when you missed a dose.

Factor In Weather

eMoods Insights is fully integrated with your local weather, daylight, and moon phases so that you can visualize how these outside influences affect your moods and other symptoms.

Relax, They will Remind You

Set multiple Email and SMS reminders for yourself and get notified when it's time to fill out your chart, take your medication, or anything else.

Interact With Members

View valuable Bipolar resources and interact with other eMoods Insights users on a members-only forum.

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